Palen Can Thank Obama Supporters For Her Rock Star Status

Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 4, 2008

Now that we’ve heard Sarah Palin recite the speech written for her (and please don’t come here trying to tell me her opponents haven’t done the same thing, pleeease), it’s game on.  If this were a normal election, her speech would have been about it for the Vice Presidential candidates; save for maybe a poorly viewed VP debate.  Let’s face it, people just don’t vote for the VP.

Until now. 

Democrats across the nation swamped blogs and news websites with derogatory comments about the Republican Veep Nominee.  Bringing into question her morals and experience, they did the one thing they could not afford to do in this election; make it about more than the issues and the country.  They have made it about experience (but don’t want you to talk about Obama’s lack of it), Change (as if either of the two parties are capable of accomplishing that whale), and about Sarah Palin.

Big Mistake.

Sarah Palin, last night, proved to the nation that she is not too small for the stage.  She held her own in terms of explaining herself and her experience, and in more than a little way, refocused the election microscope back onto Obama’s inexperience.  Needless to say, with an election season nearly three times as long as the normal baseball season, things can change yet, and probably will.

But one thing that won’t change is Obama’s supporters.  They are behind him one hundred percent, and willingly defend him and attack others even when he doesn’t want or need them to.  It is my opinion that Obama has been trying as hard as he can to rise above the pettiness of politics in this election; to make his campaign about who he is rather than who screwed what up.

Unfortunately for him, his supporters just won’t let him do that.  Had they said “Sarah who?” when McCain announced his running mate, and left it at that, the Republican campaign would have died a rapid, silent death.  Instead, Obama’s supporters attacked Palin with an intensity not seen since the last Pit Bull attack on a small child.

In essence, this is now a race because Obama’s supporters have made Sarah Palin a celebrity.  They’ve made her as exciting as their own candidate; at a time when this election direly needed to be about the country, they made it about two people.

Who wins?  I don’t know.  Sarah Palin has not had enough time to piss me off.  Barrack has had more than enough time, and has accomplished it.  McCain?  Well, let’s just say he’s a Republican; there’s no change there.

But it’ll be interesting, I promise you that.


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