Obama’s Foreign Policy Palin By Comparison

Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 2, 2008

Yeah, catchy title and all, this post promises to be a dud, so I won’t keep you hanging for the punch line real long.  Obama has no foreign policy experience, and neither does Palin.  For that matter, when it comes to being an executive, McCain and Biden have zero experience as well.

Wake up!  You only get executive foreign policy experience BY BEING PRESIDENT!

Get it?

(still loving the title?)

Obama is running for President, Palin for Vice President; why is there even a comparison being made?  One is trying be the executive, while the other is on the ticket as a distant assistant/trainee type of thing.  There’s no comparison.  Obama can be an immediate success, or an immediate threat.  Palin is the future, maybe.

In review, none of the four candidates have any executive foreign policy experience whatsoever.  This is a non-issue, and the two sides are looking absolutely foolish.  You know what a fool is, right?  He’s the guy pontificating about things he has no experience in.  Looks like we have four guilty parties here.  Let’s let ’em know that we know that.

Okay, this post is over.  I know, it sucked, but you’re going to have to search the internet long and hard before you’ll find a better title, right?


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