Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 4, 2008

I’ve been wondering how I should write this for weeks.

I thought, maybe the soft approach is the right way. Maybe I should just be like many other bloggers, and make the attempt to be rational. But doing this implies that being soft or polite is rational. I’m no longer sure we have time for that.

The Obama lama and McCain aren’t the answer. What’s worse is that EVERYONE knows it.

We need a change. Obama isn’t change. He’s more of the same. He’s a democrat. Does anyone really think he won’t serve his party first? I make the charge here and now; Mr. Obama sold his soul to the Democratic Party demons long ago, there is no soul left for change.

Mr. McCain won’t bring change either. What he will bring is a repeat of the last twenty-five years.

The two parties have known about the shortcomings of our Social Security system for that long. To date, neither party has done a single thing to fix it. Instead, all we hear is “we ought to”.

Would someone please finally finish that sentence with some ACTION?

If you are looking for some action with morals attached, you need to get out of the box. Our two largest political parties don’t do action; they do speeches, and lots of them. Aren’t you sick of speeches? Words never solved a single thing. In the end, the measure of a person, or a group of people, is the results they have achieved.

If we use that sentence as a measuring stick, the Republicans and Democrats failed long ago. Isn’t it time to realize that? If we realize that, then isn’t it time to DO something?


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