Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 16, 2008

Adding fuel to the fire

Adding fuel to the fire

A new blog!

What am I going to write?  What am I thinking?  Does anyone care?

At some point early in all of our blogging “careers”, each one of us has asked ourselves those questions.  I just care less than the rest of you about the answers.  I don’t care if anyone reads this garbage.  It’s therapeutic for me.

I am not serving anyone here.  If I said I was, I would be a liar.  Let’s face it; our blogs are about us, even if we say they are not.  Each one of us has an ego the size of Mount Rushmore; that’s why we want to see our written words SOMEWHERE.

Hey, no one can reject me here.  Oh, they can tell me I suck, whisper dark tidings in my ear, or tell me to go to hell, but they can’t decide what I PUBLISH.  Only I do that, here.

We love to write; that’s what we do.  I’ve written blogs for five years.  I’ve started two, and ended two.  This is my third.  My second was a rather decent success, but still, I got tired of it.

So now I am blogging incognito.  And I am blogging about politics and political parties, and how much I hate both.

If you are a card carrying Republican or Democrat, and proud of it, you and I are going to have fun here.  If you are an independant, welcome, and let’s find a way to rid ourselves of these leeches called political parties.  If you are none of the above, what the hell are you doing here?  ;o)


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